Rising STARS is an intrinsically interdisciplinary project and will, by nature, bring researchers from different scientific communities and cultures together in a single competence network. Secondments are therefore a significant part of our efforts.

Secondments at components providers will allow researchers and engineers from European institutions to acquire essential knowledge to build HPC and real-times systems solutions. Secondments to international academic partners will foster dissemination of these new solutions beyond European borders, providing worldwide visibility and helping European researchers to gain access to future major research facilities.
In particular, our secondment strategy is based on a mix of international and inter-sectoral secondments. On the international side, the academic partners in Europe (OdP and BSC) will be seconding Early-Stage Researchers (ESRs) to two Australian universities: ANU and SUT with the goal of fostering collaborations on astronomical instrumentation projects. On the inter-sectoral side, OdP and BSC, in partnership with Kalray, will be seconding ESRs to CSIRO in Australia to foster collaborations on Square Kilometre Array (SKA).